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This collection Includes 12 futuristic style, low polygon 3D avatars. An exciting collection of single skin, fully texture mapped avatars suitable for populating your real-time 3D worlds. Each model includes a 256x256 single patchwork, global texture map ('skin' like Quake etc...) plus a set a very economical, super low frame animations
Formats : .3ds .max
Patchwork Texture Maps - .jpg
Not available separately
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Special Introductory Offer Only : $59.95

* Max scene (3.1) with basic Character Studio (2.2) set-up and animations
* Animations include : stand, walk, run, jump, swim, attack, death
* Super economical, low frame, animations
* Also includes .3ds version in neutral stance
* Weapons included
* Single skin, continuous mesh models
* Polycounts range from 606 to 970 polygons
* Includes 256x256 single, patchwork texture map for each 3D avatar/character
* Reduce the time it takes to Populate your 3D environments
* Ideal for multi-user virtual realities, 3D games, animated crowd scenes
12 Futuristic avatars/characters includes single 256x256 patchwork, global texture maps

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