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This collection Includes 24 interchangable, leisure/chat 3D avatars. Additional characters can easily be developed from the base set. By simply swapping the body parts from one model to another (made possible by seemless joins around the neck and waist) and making colour changes to the hair, skin and clothes, it is possible to create 100's of new and diverse avatars
Formats : .3ds
Not available separately
On-Line Product : Electronic Delivery (e-mail)
Special Introductory Offer Only : $99.95
The pick of the best with massive savings.
* Bundle deal - Less than $5.00 per Avatar
* 12 low polygon males, 12 low polygon females
* Parent /Child linking and pivot points
* Jointed Characters. Approx 2000 tri polygons per character / Avatar
* New cartoon 'manga' type heads. Slightly exaggerated features increase readability
* No texture mapping necessary
* Essential 3D characters for low polygon applications
* Reduce the time it takes to Populate your 3D environments
* Easily create 100's of new avatars/characters from the base set, by swapping the body parts ( head and neck, upper body, lower body)
* Buy few, create many
* Free accessories -  handbags, sunglasses, briefcases
* Ideal for multi-user virtual realities, architectural visualisations, animated crowd scenes. (See Screenshots)

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Humans Pack1 : Chat/leisure hp1clA .3ds 544KB


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